Corporate training: Improvisation workshops

Art Fabric London offers corporate improvisation workshops for your team!

The concept:​

The aim of our improvisation workshops is to create a unique moment bringing out the best in people from new spontaneous ways to interact as well as a more collaborative teamwork dynamic. It uses the principles of improvisation theatre, the bases of improv, one of them being “yes and”, an acceptance “rule” to build on. ​

The workshops are given by professionally trained actors and improv teachers working with adults and children in schools and centers around London. ​
The trainers have worked for organisations like Wavestone, Saïd Business School (Oxford) and the French Institute of the United Kingdom.​

A standard workshop with one trainer can usually include 6 to 10 people and lasts 1h30 to 2h30.​ As every team is different we will assess with you in advance the specific needs and challenges to target exercises and themes that suit you best.​

Each exercise is based on the following themes:​

  • “Yes and”, accept and build​
  • Practice active listening skills​
  • How to deal and react to “mistakes” ​
  • Adapting to change ​
  • Thinking and reacting on the spot in the meaning of spontaneity ​
  • Having fun with your team ​
  • Storytelling ​

If you are interested in knowing more about our workshops or have any questions, you can contact us here :